Sunday, November 14, 2010

More of the Visitors experience...

I liked a lot of what Falk had to say this week but again I am skeptical about some of it. I like how he broke down the different types of visitors and explained a little about what each type of visitor expects upon arriving. I feel as though he really pushes the fact that labels need to be good. He mentions a couple times about the different groups reading the labels for different reasons. But he did not seem to mention the content of the exhibit a whole lot. So it makes me wonder. Is there anything that can be done specifically to the content of the exhibit to make it better accommodate the visitors experience. I also did not like how he made the fact that certain visitors will visit the gift shop such an important topic. I don't think whether or not a museum has a good gift shop or not will make or break whether or not a visitor had a good time. I did like what he had to say about breaking down the visitors experiences but I feel as though he focused on some areas that maybe didn't need as much attention and didn't focus on some that needed it. One of the parts that I question the most is the part that he talks about museums goals are to make visitors happy. I completely agree with this fact but I also think we need to think into it more. If someone comes to an exhibit with an interest in something but not much knowledge and they realize that they knew nothing about the topic wouldn't this make them feel bad about themselves for maybe not being as knowledgeable as another. Or if they think they do know a lot about the topic and learn that they in fact don't, you would think this would make a visitor almost disappointed in themselves. Also some exhibits consist of very difficult subjects matters such as the Holocaust or other horrible tragedies. This may extremely over whelm the visitor and upset them greatly. It doesn't matter what kind of labels or gift shop you have at this point the visitor is upset. While I know with subjects such as the Holocaust the museum itself cant do a whole lot in making sure the visitor stays happy, most people would think something was wrong if people were happy after seeing some of the horrible things involved. I just feel he could have touched more on the content and showed both sides I guess you could say to a visitors experience and ensuring their happiness.

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