Monday, November 22, 2010

Nina Simon and her reliance on the visitors

This weeks readings in Nina Simon's book reminded me a lot of the ideas she talked about before where it put a lot of responsibility on the visitors and caused the museum to rely greatly on the visitors. I like a lot of her ideas about collaborating with the visitors and getting them involved in the museum and the exhibit. If people are involved in whats going on and get to have an actual hands on experience they generally remember it better. I feel like she puts too much emphasis on fully relying on the visitors of the museum. As I have said before I personally don't feel comfortable giving visitors that much responsibility and that much freedom to do as they please. While some visitors may take the project seriously and give great input and make a great exhibit or project many others will not. There will also be a problem with visitors not wanting to work together to create a final project and so on. Plus there is still the risk of it not getting done. For museum professionals it is their job to create an exhibit or program and get it done on time. Visitors will only do this work in their free time and may not be able to spare enough time in the day in order to work on the project for something that is not their job and especially something they are not getting paid for. So while I agree with many of Nina Simon's ideas about involving the visitors I think it should be done on a smaller scale so the museum is not completely reliant on their involvement and if they don't get many visitors to participate the project still gets completed.

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